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A healing space for mujeres luchadoras!

The Latina Healing Institute was created for, and is run by, Latina women.

Our goal is to empower and support fellow Latinas by providing a place of healing and connection.

Our cultural heritage is a vital part of who we are, but very often we have negative experiences because of the way others perceive us based on their expectations of what being Latinx means. When we are focused on dealing with internalized prejudice – be it that of others or even our own – we do not have time or energy left to realize our true potential.

At the core of everything we do and hope to achieve through the Latina Healing Institute is the unshakeable certainty that being a latina to become your full potential in all aspects of your life; in the home, in the community and in your professional career. When you stop trying to fit in and let yourself be who you are authentically, that is the moment things start to change – for the better!

Join us for Group Coaching Sessions with our founders!


Life-changing experiences designed for high achieving and busy Latinas

Become a part of this shared healing experience by joining one of our upcoming retreats.
Our focus at the LHI is on creating a space that will help Latina women become the best version of themselves.
If you are looking for a place to:

Then our retreats are the perfect fit for you. Through our coaching and self-reflection activities, we offer our latina sisters a unique opportunity to relax, heal and experience empowerment.

Meet our Speakers & Trainers!

Having led successful careers in the fields of psychology and Federal Government, our founders decided to create a place where they could share the insights, tools and strategies that they developed through their own experiences dealing with the high pressure and challenges that come with being both a woman and culturally diverse in white and male dominated spaces.
This is how the Latina Healing Institute came to be.

Dr. Sierra is licensed as a Professional Counselor in Washington, DC, Maryland, and Virginia, serving the DC Metro Area. She is also a National Certified Counselor. Dr. Sierra is certified by the District of Columbia’s Superior Courts as a Subject Matter Expert -Child Therapist.

Dr. Sierra has been awarded the 2021 Central American Awards as a Community Psychologist and the 2021 Distinguished Student Award from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology.


Alani earned a double Bachelor of Arts degree in Latin American Studies and Crime, Law, and Justice from the Pennsylvania State University. She also earned a Master of Arts degree from Troy University in International Relations. She is a Certified Professional Coach through the International Coaching Federation and is also an Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner.

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life-changing experiences designed for high achieving and busy Latinas

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